Sunday, 13 July 2014

Life of a Blogger: Handwriting

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Topic: Handwriting

This is what my handwriting in school looks like: 
That's a random page on my Public Speaking and Debate notebook.

(4th year)

This is what my handwriting on a classroom whiteboard looks like:
I was the class secretary when I was in third year and fourth year high school.

(3rd year)

Here’s a proof. Our high school annual. Hahahaha =)))


  1. Your handwriting is way more legible than mine! And totally legible, which is a bonus. :)

    1. *way prettier than mine. (Sheesh, no commenting before coffee for me...)

  2. hehe, love this. my handwriting is HORRIBLE. I have to consciously try to write legibly when I know others are going to read my writing.

    1. Me too! My handwriting is barely readable when I know I'm the only one who will read it. Hahaha